Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rivet presents Stuff This! Plush Group Show

Rivet presents Stuff This, our second annual plush group show. This exhibit will feature over 30 artist from around the world.

-Alisa Ross
-Amanda Drake
-Amanda Spayd
-Anna Chambers
-Chet and Dot
-Christy Kane
-Cuddly Rigor Mortis
-Daniel Elson
-Elizabeth McGrath
-Emily Beaulieu
-Insolent CandyFloss
-Jen Rarey
-JennyBird Alcantara
-Jill Penney
-Johnny Yanok
-Kat Brunnegraff
-Kerry Kate
-Lana Crooks
-Marion Hawkes
-Maxe Smith
-Mike and Jodi Maas
-Monster Factory
-Moogan Creations
-My Paper Crane
-Sebastian Curadeau
-Sharon Bell
-The Soreheads
-Spooky Daddy
-Tragic Stitches
-Trenton M. Studios

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 6 from 7-10pm Munchies provided by Wholly Craft. Complimentary beverages provided by Vinyl Requiem and Magic Hat Brewing Company. Some artists will be present for this show. And Rad Dog will be set up outside offering their gourmet meatless hot dogs and such.

Exhibit will run December 6 through December 31, 2008. Purchases will be available for early pick-up and shipment for the holidays.

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