Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Art of Thomas Riley

Our friend, Nick, just released his novel, Thomas Riley. A blog tour is underway and today his stop is the Rivet Gallery blog....

The Art of Thomas Riley

First off, I want to thank Laura and Scott for letting me come here and guest blog today. I wrote a steampunk novel called Thomas Riley which was recently released by Echelon Press. All the artwork for was done by Will Routon. He’s done some really great work for me in the past, and again he knocks it out of the park with his concepts, imagination and pure skill.

Another mind boggling feature Will brings to the table (no he’s not an action figure) is that he can visualize from written descriptions. Every time he does work, I send him a character description and we talk a little (usually over some sushi & sake)about what I am looking for. What happens next is Will uses his secret power where he can actually crawl into my mind and see exactly what I am thinking. Every character or scene he has drawn has come back as a freakishly identical model of how I envisioned the characters.

Here is the process:

Part 1
First off, Will made a show piece from my character descriptions. Here, he jumped right into the genre with a daguerreotype portrait. It looks like he did this with a pen...

Part 2
After making sure he had nailed the characters down (and indeed he did), Will moved on to an actual scene which we had discussed. I wanted it to have a movie poster style. Here is one of his first sketches.

Part 3
The next step was adding texture, light and details to the sketch. You can see the characters and dirigibles take shape. He also removed the robot which he just thought was cool but unfortunately was not in the story. I think the expressions also are a wonderful indication of their personality. Even in the first show piece, you can get an idea of what Thomas and Cynthia are like.

Part 4
Then out of nowhere, Will brings the illustration to a new level, adding a lot more lighting effects, clouds, depth and balance to the composition. Notice that he armored and modified the dirigible which is how they are in the novel. Again he must have gotten into my head, because I don't recall telling him that. I was giddy when I received the first sketch, by now I was beside myself with excitement.

Part 5
Finally, Will literally goes above and beyond. He puts more depth in the clouds, gives Thomas and Cynthia belts, armlets, and gadgets as well as frontal cannons on the dirigible. I still marvel over the lighting in Cynthia's hair and the filigree details in her corset and sleeves. Go on, look closely. There are a hundred details which I personally see more and more of each time I look at this. Notice the reflection in the goggles, and the tear drop shaped windows. The list could go on and on. At this point, the illustration looks more like a photo than it does a cartoon.

Keep in mind this didn't happen overnight. This took a little over two months as Will spent countless hours on this piece. There were about 12 other renditions of this with tweaks and little changes that I opted not to show you because I am pretty sure you got the point. I hope you enjoyed this little walk through of what it took to make the cover for Thomas Riley.

Find out more at:

You can purchase signed copies at:


Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Art of Ragnar and Charlie Owens

Rivet's November exhibition features the intriguing art of Charlie Owens and Ragnar!

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7th from 7pm-10pm.
Exhibition: November 7th through November 30th
Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat!
*Rivet is closed on Mondays*
For more info:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yard and Print Sale ( gifts galore )

Yard and Print Sale ( gifts galore )

Photographer Chas Ray Krider along with the renown eccentric Paul Bearer are having a yard sale (rain or shine) this weekend at the 219 King Ave Studio.

For Sale: furniture, lamps, books, clothing, art, and many collectible oddities. Plus Chas Ray will offer a large number of photo prints, very inexpensive.

Saturday Oct. 3rd and Sunday Oct. 4th
219 King Ave

Please forward this info on to anyone who maybe interested.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Artwork of Alberto Cerriteño and Scott Tolleson

Come celebrate the opening of Rivet's newest exhibition: The Artwork of Alberto Cerriteño and Scott Tolleson.

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 3 from 7pm-10pm
Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat!

Exhibition: October 3 through October 31

For more info:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dunny 2009 Trading Party and Pre-Release at Rivet!

Come celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Dunny Series 2009 on September 9 from 6-8pm! Meet fellow collectors, get your trade on, and win awesome prizes!
Bringing mini series aside from dunnys to trade is A-OK with us!
Snacks provided by Rivet, hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We'll Be Right Back...After These Messages

We'll Be Right Back...After These Messages
A Group Exhibition Inspired by Cartoons From the 80s & Early 90s

Join us in celebrating the cartoons of old at Rivet with a Saturday morning at night extravaganza! Featuring Saturday morning staples like mimosas, cereal, and some other goodies. Limited commercial interruptions, and remember to be quiet, mom is still sleeping!

Opening Reception: August 1st 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: August 1st-31st

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Curiosities: New Works by Amanda Spayd, Jake Waldron, and J. Shea

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 4th 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates: July 4th-29th

Some artists will be in attendance at the opening. Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat.

Hope everyone can make it out, it's going to be a great show!

For additional information, call 614-294-8697 or email Laura:

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Study Group Show-Opening Reception, June 6 from 7-10pm

Rivet presents "The Study"
A group show featuring the work of Doktor A, Steve Cvinar, Dave Pressler, and Johnny Yanok. This exhibit will feature paintings, ink and charcoal drawings, and sculpture work.
Exhibition June 6 through June 30.
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 6 from 7-10pm. Dave Pressler, Johnny Yanok, and Steve Cvinar will be in attendance. Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat.
For additional information, call 614-294-8697 or email Laura:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Andrew Bell preview

The Andrew Bell preview was just sent out.


How'd that link get there? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gamma Mutant Space Friends by Tara McPherson-now available!

Gamma Mutant Space Friends by Tara McPherson-now available!
$7.95 per blind box or $151.00 per case of 20
12 possible characters including two chase figures.
Shop online: (individual box)
or stop by the store! Open 12-7 on Thursday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Andrew Bell will be coming to Rivet..... marks your calendars and plan a trip out to meet him! More details to follow.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mini Munny Mobile Decorating Party - Sunday April 19

Who: YOU!
What: Mini Munny Mobile Painting Party
Where: RIVET, 1200 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201
When: Sunday, April 19th from 12-5pm
Why: Because it is fun and FREE!

Come hang out at Rivet with other toy collectors and artists and make your own custom toy with the free Mini Munny Mobile from Kid Robot.

If you have any paint brushes or paints you like to use, feel free to bring them along with you. Music, drinks, and snacks provided by Rivet.

How: Please RSVP by phone, 614-294-TOYS, to reserve a spot. There will be two sessions, 12:30-2:30 and 3:00-5:00.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Rivet presents the Art of Annie Owens and Laurie Lipton

Rivet presents the art of Annie Owens and Laurie Lipton
April 4th through April 29th
An Opening Reception will be hosted on Saturday, April 4th from 7-10pm.
Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat Brewing Co. and Bodega. Rad Dog will be set up outside of Rivet offering their delectable eats.
For additional information about the exhibit, please contact Laura,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reduction Sale-March 28 & 29

REDUCTION-Short North Retail Warehouse Sale
March 28 & 29
1195 N. High St. (please note the address listed on flier image is not correct)
Collier West
What the Rock?!
Sole Classics
Paradise Garage
G & Co
Food & Beverages
Rad Dog
Kick Start
Live Tattoo Exhibition
Sovereign Collective

Rivet will have a table set up full of bind box, art prints, vinyl toys, DIY toys, plush, and misfit toys. Hope to see some of you stop by!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rivet presents Luke Feldman and Shannon Bonatakis

RIVET is pleased to announce its upcoming two-artist exhibition, Luke Feldman & Shannon Bonatakis. The exhibition will open March 7th, featuring work from both artists, and be on view in RIVET from March 7, 2009 through March 31, 2009. An Opening Reception for the exhibition will be hosted Saturday, March 7th, 2009, 7-10pm. Shannon Bonatakis will be attending the reception.
Included are short artist biographies introducing each of the participating artists (please do not consider them complete):

Luke Feldman, the creator of SKAFFS, is an Australian artist based in the USA, that creates for a multitude of platforms. Inspired by childhood experiences and a vivid imagination, his illustrations and animations are distinctive with defined lines, elaborate detail, and intensely vibrant colours. SKAFFS is a collection of work made up of art, animation, games, giant vinyl adhesives, skatedecks and collector toys. Luke's most recent achievement is the release of his limited edition book through San Francisco-based publishers, Immedium. Desktop Magazine describe Chaff n' Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvy as "the perfect conduit for Feldman's imagination combining his waif-like lasses and charming characters with the beautiful, yet unpredictable realm that is the unique Australian environment."
Luke's vast technical experience and skills developed working in numerous mediums. While the scope of his work is extensive, it is bound together through his unique and dynamic style; a style that has led to a number of awards, exhibitions and collaborations with high profile artists including Theodore Geisel and Maurice Sendak and companies such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Facebook.
"Luke Feldman's artwork blends the classic stylings of 1950s Disney with a modern design sensibility to create something both cutting edge and timeless." Andrew Farago, Manager & curator, San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum Gallery.

Shannon Bonatakis engages her viewers using highly stylized and emotionally charged portraiture. Inspired by human experiences both personal and interpersonal, she lovingly interprets these universal emotions through her subjects. Often autobiographical in some capacity, her paintings give us a candid window into the deep dark caverns of the artist's psyche. These narratives are often left open to interpretation, but emanate a deep personal significance to the creator which is not always clear, but always compelling.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan 22-UK Dunny Series Release & Trading Party

The British are coming! The British are coming!
The Ye Olde English Dunny series will be released this Thursday, January 22. They retail for $7.95 ea or a case of 25 for $188.81 (price includes a 5% discount). Bring other blind box series you may have duplicates of to trade with other collectors. (Dunnys, Scavengers, Cactus Pups, Qees, Finders Keepers, Moofia, etc.) Hang out with some other collectors and enjoy some drinks, snacks, and music.
SPECIAL SALE-during the Trading Party from 6-8pm, we are offering Dunny series 5 blind box for Buy One Get One Free.
Hope to see you on Thursday!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Vote for Rivet!

Hey Guys and Gals....

Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true.

haha I could not pass up the chance to quote Pedro.

It is that time of the year again where the local indie paper, Columbus Alive, is having the Best of Columbus voting. Last year, Rivet placed runner-up for Best Gallery and I am really hoping to have convinced enough people in the last year that the art I love and show at this place is worthy of Best Gallery in Columbus.

If you would like to show support, would you care to vote Rivet the Best Gallery for Columbus?

Rivet was also voted runner-up in last year's Best New Store category. This year I am hoping we can win a mention for Best Gift Store.
If you would like to show your support, would you care to vote Rivet for the Best Gift Shop for Columbus?

Voting is only until January 30th. Thanks to anyone who wants to help Rivet with this task and for the love and support! :D


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rivet presents Brokenhearted-the work of Daniel Elson

Rivet presents "Brokenhearted" a solo show featuring paintings and wooden sculpture work by Daniel Elson.

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 3 from 7-10pm. Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat Brewing Company and Vinyl Requiem. Artist will be present at opening reception.

Exhibition: January 3, 2009 through January 31, 2009
For additional information, please visit or call 614-294-8697.

The Columbus Dispatch has posted an article regarding Daniel's upcoming show.
Thank you for suppoting Rivet and the art/artists that we love.